Copa Cafe

24 Dec

We were at Copa Cafe for lunch for a quick meal.  Sat down and ordered a couple drinks and dishes to satisfy our craving for some asian bubble tea type food.  Wish our meals comes a drink free (if it’s hot), so we got one almond milk and one milk tea.  The almond milk was creamy and heavy in almond taste while the milk tea needed 2 packs of sugar but they leave it unsweetened and a stack of sugar on purpose.

Almond Milk & Milk Tea - 9/10

The french toast is amazing here.  It’s light and fluffy with just enough crisp. We liked how it wasn’t drenched in oil like you would find from other HK styled cafes. The filling for the toast was a light honey marmalade jam. The toast was drizzled with a strawberry syrup that wasn’t too overpowering.

French Toast - 9/10

The scrambled egg & shrimp dish was loaded with shrimp.  Delicious! The shrimp were quite fresh, definitely fresher and larger than we expected! The scrambled egg was super soft and goes really well with the slippery consistency of the rice noodles!

Scrambled Egg & Shrimp with Fried Rice Noodle - 8/10

Filled with mussels, tiny scallops, imitation crab meat and small pieces of fish, the baked seafood with cheese on rice was a great dish.  The hot molten cheese layer on top gave the extra kick to the dish.  The rice on the bottom was egg fried rice.

Baked Seafood with Cheese on Rice - 9/10

Sweet yet salty.  This truly is a house special for Copa Cafe.  The pork chop was lightly battered compared to some other places which go a little too heavy on the batter.  We loved this dish. The added cheese on the pork chop contributed greatly to the flavour and depth of the dish.

House Special Baked Pork Chop on Rice - 9.5/10

Parking in the back is limited and unfortunately so is the residential parking.  Copa Cafe is right next to Corner 23, which doesn’t help with the parking situation.  Service is fast and quick and we never have to wait long for our food.  It’s a quick and cheap place to eat.  It’s one of our “go-to” places when we don’t know where else to eat and want something satisfying.

Copa Cafe 高柏餐廳 (Cambie) on Urbanspoon


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